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Serene Sikkim

Serene Sikkim

Basic Information

  1. Places & Attractions

    Gangtok: Explore the capital’s vibrant markets and eateries.

    Tsomgo Lake: A glacial lake that reflects different colors with the seasons.

    Nathula Pass: Offers a unique opportunity to view the Indo-China border.

    Pemayangtse Monastery: One of the oldest and most prestigious monasteries in Sikkim.

  2. Weather and Climate Information

    Spring (March-May): Mild weather, ideal for trekking and witnessing the bloom of rhododendrons.

    Monsoon (June-September): Heavy rains can lead to landslides; travel is less advised.

    Autumn (October-November): Clear skies and optimal conditions for mountain views.

    Winter (December-February): Cold, with snow in higher altitudes; suitable for snow activities.

  3. Transportation Options

    Public Buses: Connect major towns but may not reach remote areas.

    Shared Jeeps: Common and cost-effective way to travel between towns.

    Private Vehicles: Recommended for remote areas and flexible travel plans.

  4. Local Cuisine and Dining Recommendations

    Must-try Dishes: Momo (Tibetan-style dumplings), Thukpa (noodle soup), Sael Roti (traditional bread).

    Dining Spots: "Taste of Tibet" in Gangtok offers authentic Tibetan flavors; local cafes throughout the state serve organic local produce.

  5. Safety Tips

    Travel in Groups: Especially when hiking or visiting secluded areas.

    Weather Awareness: Be prepared for sudden weather changes, especially in higher altitudes.

  6. Shopping Areas and Markets

    Gangtok: MG Road for local handicrafts, organic teas, and Tibetan carpets.

    Local Handicrafts: Hand-woven textiles and traditional Sikkimese boots are popular souvenirs.

  7. Festivals and Events

    Losar: Tibetan New Year, celebrated with great enthusiasm, showcasing local music, dance, and costumes.

    Saga Dawa: A sacred festival marking the birth, enlightenment, and death of Buddha.

  8. Emergency Connect & Tips

    Acclimatization: Spend a day acclimatizing in Gangtok before heading to higher altitudes.

    Permit Preparation: Ensure all travel permits are prepared in advance to avoid delays.

    Local Police: 100

    Ambulance Service: 108

    Nearest Major Hospital: STNM Hospital, Gangtok

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